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  1. Amanda says:

    my friend was diagnosed with a severe case of lyme 9 or 10 months after having it and he was beddreiden for more than 6 months do u think that with treatment and rest he would be okay again and make a 100% recovery ? And how long do you think it’s gonna take ? And after the person reaches remisson will that person be 100% recoverd and get their energy back and be 100% symptoms free forever or they will still be sick and have symptoms even after reaching remisson ? All the articles I read say that after u have lyme u can never ever be 100% recoverd & that made really sad so please can u answer my questions ? Thank u


    • Hi Amanda, each person is completely different. It totally depends on their environment, gene mutations, immune system, diet, detoxification pathways, attitude, parasite infections, mold issues, and what coinfections they have. I wish I had a more concrete answer to give you 🙂 And yes, there are lots of people who recover, or shall I say go into remission.


  2. lymecoordinator56 says:

    Rock on Lisa! Just read the article about your TX vigil. Awesome job. Cracked up about your 4 legged mascot holding 2 candles! Ha!


  3. Carrie says:

    Lisa, I appreciate all the info you have provided. I’m interested in the bee venom therapy. Do you know of any doctors or practitioners who provide this treatment? Thank you very much!


  4. Cindi Edwards says:

    So happy to see more awareness in our state. I also had a doctor, Rheumatologist that specialized in autoimmune diseases, tell me that it wasn’t in our region! Another doctor told me…well you have been exposed but…I don’t know that you actually have it. I live in about 45 min from Corpus Christi. I have already met several people that have been diagnosed with lyme. I wish we could have some kind of awareness vigil like you were able to get together. Corpus is so horrible about stuff like that. They also seem to be 20 years behind on everything. I have to drive 4 hours away to be able to see a llmd. Thank you bringing awareness regardless of what city its in!


  5. twobar says:

    Hi there! Just read your blog and it’s fantastic! I live in Amarillo, Texas and curious about the bee venom therapy? Is there someone or somewhere in Texas that offers this? So you have information or suggestions where I can learn this? I see your blog is from 2014, how are you doing today and did you ever try antibiotic therapy? I tested positive in 2009 and recovered after antibiotics but all symptoms have returned and I’m going to a LLMD in Colorado in a few weeks. I’m thinking a combination of antibiotics and supplements for immune support is the key it curious if you ever took antibiotics? I am so curious if the riffe machine is worth the money? I did some research and it seems promising but would love to get feedback from someone that has actually used it. Again, thanks for the great blog!


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