Lyme Debate

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The best way that I can explain the whole ‘Lyme Debate’ is for you to watch a documentary titled ‘Under our Skin’ for free in

There is a lot of corruption and misinformation in regards to Chronic Lyme Disease due to a number of factors. As with anything that involves corruption, it involves money.  You see, there are a small number of people in power at a few organizations (CDC, ISDA, NEJM, FDA, etc.) that dictate how Chronic Lyme  Disease is defined, diagnosed, treated, insured, and portrayed in the media.   The problem is that these same individuals, are benefiting monetarily from the suppression and non-acknowledgement of Chronic Lyme Disease.  These individuals have the power to say that Chronic Lyme Disease doesn’t exist and base these decisions off of THEIR OWN studies instead of basing their decisions off of the 300 plus peer-reviewed Chronic Lyme Studies over the past 20 years which have all proven that Chronic Lyme Disease exists!  One word comes to mind.  SHADY!  You seriously have to watch this documentary bc it is quite shocking and disheartening!

There are a few other documentaries available as well.  ‘Under the Eightball’ is another good one.  In addition, I think there are a few documentaries on Plum Island which is where some of the ‘human strains’ of Lyme were created as Biowarfare by the United States.

Here are a few links..

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