Lyme 101

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As you all know there is a ton of conflicting information on the internet in regards to what Lyme Disease actually is, how you diagnose it, treat it, etc.   If you would like to read about Lyme, I have posted some of the ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ resources for you to take a gander at.  Unfortunately, some of the most prestigious medical journals and mainstream publications are still to this day writing articles with extremely flawed information in regards to Lyme Disease.  This is because they are basing their information off of the highly inaccurate/outdated IDSA and the CDC Guidelines.  Both the CDC and the IDSA  still refuse to acknowledge that Chronic Lyme Disease (or Late Stage Lyme Disease) is real.

I will try to write something here later when I have more time!!!

GOOD RESOURCES: (Documentary) (Documentary)


Why does the Lyme Community consider the above organizations to be bad resources? Either they are an organization that has in some form or fashion contributed to the highly flawed and damaging, current Lyme Guidelines  OR  they are a website that has helped spread misinformation on in regards to Chronic Lyme Disease based off of the incorrect guidelines set by the IDSA.  (IDSA incorrect, ILADS CORRECT!)

  • Improper definition of Late Stage Lyme / Chronic Lyme
  • Setting incorrect Lyme Disease guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease
  • Basing all of the current Lyme Disease Guidelines on biased studies conducted by THEMSELVES instead of the other 300 peer reviewed studies conducted over the course of 20 years that prove that Chronic Lyme exists
  • Basing all of the current Lyme Disease Guidelines on Early Stage Lyme patients instead of Late Stage Lyme Patients
  • Incorrect Lyme Guidelines has caused incorrect training of physicians, and therefore, causing the incorrect treatment and diagnosis of Lyme Disease throughout the United States
  • Falsely stating that Late Stage Lyme can be cured with just a few weeks of antibiotics
  • Enabling Insurance companies to get away with not paying for treatment of Chronic Lyme by refusing to acknowledge that Chronic Lyme is a persistent infection (ie Chronic!)
  • Having a financial conflict of interest by way of profiting the suppression of Chronic Lyme Disease.  For example, some individuals in charge of defining Lyme Disease at the ISDA also profit from patents used by the pharmaceutical industry for Lyme Disease
  • Refusal to acknowledge that Lyme Disease is the biggest Epidemic in the united States
  • Taking away personal rights to choose their own treatment path for Lyme Disease

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