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We REALLY need someone to organize a class action lawsuit against the IDSA and the CDC for their corrupt behavior, but as of right now… we don’t have anyone that is willing to take on the world so to speak.

There is a guy by the name of Ross Anderson (I think) who has a Facebook Page claiming to have started a class action lawsuit against the CDC and IDSA (It says something like ‘Cure the CDC!’), but I have heard from numerous sources that this guy is actually just collecting money from innocent Lyme Disease sufferers and that there is no class action lawsuit. I have tried to contact this guy numerous times, and have not once received any communication from him which is very fishy.  So… beware.  I would not send this guy any money.

We really need more lawsuits against insurance companies as well, so if you have the means to sue them for not covering your treatments… or if you went to do some probono work, this would be a for a great cause.

Victory!!!   Lyme patient sues insurance company and wins!

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